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Self made celebrity, Courtney Stodden took the media by storm by getting married at 16 years of age and dressing slutty in public. Well folks, you haven't seen anything until you've seen her UNCOVERED in her own solo sex video.

With teasing, flirting and innuendo she's been able to get and keep our attention. What happens next? You'll have to see for yourself - but it's probably better than you imagined it would be!

In my opinion, watching her sexy mouth and tongue alone are worth it - but she gives much more...

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REAL TRUTH about the Courtney Stodden sex video:

I would have loved to see her untouched by surgery but what's done is done and this is what we've got. The boobjob isn't as bad as expected

Her full speaking voice is annoying and the video starts with a little "let me tell you how my day went" segment. Who cares?! I wouldn't care in real life, I especially don't care on a sex tape.

At times, what you want to see is JUST out of view. Great for a teaser but not so much for the main event.

When dancing and acting sexy, she whips her head around and it looks like either (A) something is wrong with her .. or (B) her head is going to fly off because of the awkward angle and speed she does it at...

Pros: She's fucking hot! She's in good shape, she's clearly and obviously a tease, sexually playful and up to the challenge and those are all the things necessary to pull something like this off.

Her mouth... Her and that ice cream cone alone would have been enough to make this worth it for me. When she gets to licking and sucking that ice cream.. I'm done!

She's got some nice glass dildos that she puts to good use

I'd REALLY love to see this chick dominate (with her mouth) and then get PUMMELED by a huge cock. Part 2 please????


Courtney Stodden Sex Tape


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